For health and climate, more than 70 environmental associations call for “gradually reducing air traffic”

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TRIBUNE. For health and climate, more than 70 environmental associations call for “gradually reducing air traffic”

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They denounce the impact of air traffic growth on global warming and human health. In this forum published by, more than 70 environmental associations and collectives call for “putting a stop to the growth of air traffic”, while accompanying “the retraining of the workers concerned”. “We can no longer tolerate our health, well-being and the future of humanity to pay the price of activities that mainly benefit the most privileged, and for which alternatives exist,” they denounce. The signatories also show their support for the events organized from Tuesday, May 9 to Sunday, May 14 in favor of airport capping. They express themselves here freely.

The crazy growth in air traffic must stop. It is not sustainable for the climate or for the millions of people who suffer night and day from noise and pollution from planes. Victims of airport nuisances and present and future victims of global warming, we call for a downward cap on the number of flights as well as a curfew in all airports, aerodromes and heliports in France. We can no longer tolerate our health, well-being and the future of humanity to pay the price of activities that especially benefit the most privileged, and for which alternatives exist.

The Dutch government and the manager of Amsterdam-Schiphol airport have understood this well. The growth of the activities of this airport, of a size comparable to that of Roissy, is no longer sustainable; so they decided to reduce the total number of flights, introduce a curfew, ban private aviation and abandon the new runway project. “We cannot ask the inhabitants of the region to make sacrifices for years for those who fly just for their holidays,” said Ruud Sondag, the airport’s CEO. In France, the CEO of ADP [Aéroports de Paris], Augustin de Romanet, acknowledges that “in developed countries, which have benefited a lot from the plane, we must claim reasonable use”, but we continue to expand airports and make traffic growth a non-negotiable objective!

“Despite the promises of the sector, the silent, decarbonized and non-polluting aircraft is not for tomorrow.”

The signatories of the tribune ,

on franceinfo

There is therefore no other short- and medium-term solution than to stop the growth of air traffic and gradually reduce it to limit its health and climate impacts. Since such a change of course is not without consequences on employment, it must imperatively take into account the retraining of the workers concerned.

Noise is not just a matter of discomfort. It is a major public health problem: sleep disorders, cognitive disorders, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases. Its social cost was estimated by Ademe at €6.1 billion annually for air noise alone. European directives that require the implementation of reduction plans are not respected by any of the French airports. And only rare airports, such as Orly or Nantes, have been imposed curfews whose duration is nevertheless insufficient to allow sleep of a duration compatible with a good state of health.

Air pollution kills. It is even the third leading cause of death in France behind alcohol and tobacco. Aircraft reactors pollute and, unlike automobile engines, it is impossible to equip them with particulate and nitrogen oxide filters. In addition, the ultrafine particles (PUF) they emit are smaller than those of diesel engines, and therefore potentially more toxic. However, they are neither regulated nor measured. Recreational aviation still burns leaded gasoline, which has been banned for more than 20 years for the automobile! Air pollution at airports remains the great forgotten of air quality policies.

Finally, on the climate side, the picture is much less brilliant than what the aviation sector wants us to believe with “greenwashing“: commercial aviation contributes 7% to France’s CO2 emissions, and to this must be added the climate impact of emissions other than CO2, in particular condensation trails, which at least double the impact of CO2 alone. Thus, the High Climate Council is formal: reducing air traffic is essential to meet our climate commitments, because technological advances and “sustainable aviation fuels” will not be available in sufficient quantities within the required time.

Faced with the worsening of climate change and the deterioration of the health of the affected populations, outraged by the persistence of unfair tax exemptions and the insignificance of the measures taken following the citizens’ climate convention, more and more of us are mobilizing. This is how the associations and collectives that are signatories to this forum will organize or support the demonstrations from 9 to 14 May as part of a European mobilization. We ask that France follow the courageous path opened by the Netherlands and finally take concrete measures: the limitation of the number of flights – while ensuring that noise, air pollution and CO2 emissions are also downwards – and the generalization of curfews at airports, aerodromes and heliports.

The signatories:

Associative alliance for the elimination of air nuisance and the conversion of the Toussus-le-Noble aerodrome
Association against air hazards and nuisances of Annecy-Meythet Airport (ACDNA)
Association citoyenne de défense du calme Azur (ACDC Azur)
Citizens’ Association of Saint-Pierre-Réunion
Association against nuisances of the Lasclaveries aerodrome (Pyrénées-Atlantiques)
Non-violent action COP21 (ANV-COP21)
Air nuisance defense association (Adecna)
Association for the Defense of the Environment of Residents of Beauvais-Tillé Airport (Adera)
Association for the defense against air nuisances of Cannes-Mandelieu airport (ADNA)
Association for the defense against nuisances of the Chavenay aerodrome (Adnac)
Lille-Lesquin Air Nuisance Defense Association (Adna2L)
Association for the Defense of the Inhabitants of Poisy against Air Nuisance (ADP)
Basel-Mulhouse Airport Residents’ Defense Association (ADRA)
Association for the Defense of Residents of the Department of Réunion (Kolair974)
Association for the defense of residents of Roissy and Le Bourget (Advocnar)
AEHDCNA-Bordeaux Mérignac
Association Grande-Motte environnement (AGME)
Association Templemars overw over defense of the residents of Lille-Lesquin airport (ATSDRAL)
Alofa Tuvalu
Alternatiba Paris
ANA Paris Orly
Association for the Protection of the Life Environment and the Baltic Environment (APCVEB, residents of the Toulouse-Lasbordes aerodrome)
Association of residents of the Lognes-Emerainville Aerodrome (Arale)
Arec Plaine de France
The Icarus Workshops
Collectif Atterrissons d’urgence de Montpellier
AviActions – Network of local struggles for the reduction of air traffic
Friends of the Earth Val-d’Oise (ATVO)
Bondy Ecology Association
The associations of residents of the airfields of Lyon-Bron, Lyon-Corbas and Villefranche-Tarare (Rhône)
Collective against the air nuisance of the Toulouse agglomeration (CCNAAT)
Collective danger Aix avenir (CD2A, in Aix-en-Provence)
Cilaos mon amour (La Réunion)
Interassociative collective of the refusal of air nuisances in the North-West of Ile-de-France (Cirena)
Citizen Collective 06 (Alpes-Maritimes)
Against Green Dock (Epinay-sur-Seine)
Association Collembole et Cie (Beauvais)
Committees of residents of Saint-Exupéry Airport (Corias)
Air nuisance Health Collective (CSNA)
Defense of the interests of the residents of the Pontoise-Cormeilles aerodrome (Dirap)
Defense of local residents Paris-Orly airport (Drapo)
Association Environment, living environment, urban planning in Verson (ECU, Norman airports)
Dhuys and Marne Environment Association (EnDeMa 93)
Environment 93
France nature environment
France nature environment Alpes-Maritimes
France nature environment Bouches-du-Rhône
France nature environment Ile-de-France
France nature environment Seine-et-Marne
No to the expansion of Lille-Lesquin airport (Nada)
Collective No to T4 (Roissy)
Collective No at Andorra airport
National Movement for the Fight for the Environment 93 and North-East of Paris
Association Opposition to air nuisances Seine-et-Marne and Aisne (Onasa)
OYE 349 (association for the protection of residents of Orly airport)
Collective Let’s think about aeronautics for tomorrow
Association For All in Houplin-Ancoisne
Association Protection berge de Seine (Epinay-sur-Seine)
Quiet white Quercy Association
Stay Grounded Network
Climate Action Network
Collective Les Overvolés (Lille-Lesquin)
SOS Montmorency Valley
Collectif Stop extension airport Marseille-Provence
Acting for the climate (Taca)
Collective for the Gonesse Triangle (CPTG)
European Union against air nuisance (Uecna)
French Union Against Aircraft Nuisance (UFCNA)
Federal Union against nuisances at Strasbourg-Entzheim airport (Ufnase)
Collectif Val-d’Oise environnement (VOE)

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