The Reptiles Bill Lays an Egg

Concerns Reasons Why Tolerated Horrors

So far, the Reptiles have decided military and the FBI Headquarters, liability protection and

The Good

One round of $1,200 rescue checks (though still just one payment

Tax credits for employers to hire people and other things (fine),

$105 billion so schools can reopen (almost certainly not going to work),


An amazingly arcane substitute for the $600 a week unemployment adjunct that is hundreds less and relies upon the states knowing info they don’t have and developing a means to pay for some of it from their depleted coffers.

A Mitt Romney-backed measure laying the groundwork to cut Social Security and Medicare

A segment to protect businesses from coronavirus liability,

$29 billion for defense

$1.8 billion for a new FBI headquarters.

No Mention of

No extension of the eviction moratorium,

No money for the postal service or the November elections,

No hazard pay for essential workers,

No OSHA standards for workplaces,

No money to shore up pensions,

No funds for people who lost employer-sponsored health insurance,

No increase to food stamp benefits.

No new money for state and local government (except $40 million per to beef up their unemployment systems to meet the needs of their arcane new unemployment plans.

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