Whatever Will The Terrorists Do Without A Country To Host Their Monkey Bars? The Biggest Afghanistan Lie Of All, Repeated Now By Trump.

We took a break in our Afghanistan analysis, having shared with you 2 parts out of 3, to comment on Trump’s escalation of his endorsement of lawlessness, by pardoning someone with total and unrepentant contempt for the law. This will be the most important and 3rd of the Afghanistan speech break down.
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OK, we had already pointed out the hypocrisy, which has certainly not escaped anybody else on the continent, of complaining about Pakistan allowing foreign fighters to operate from their territory and attack Afghanistan, while at the same time WE have bases everywhere, launching strikes in EVERY other neighboring country, including Pakistan.
But this truth still does not fully reach the biggest lie of all, the lie they told us day one to even get us to invade Afghanistan in the first place, namely that the terrorists even need a safe haven country from which to plot their attacks.
Remember the grainy video of training camps with monkey bars?
Terrorists no longer need to work out on monkey bars, presuming they ever did. Nor do they need a place to set them up.
All the training they need now is about how to rent a truck and point the steering wheel at as many pedestrians they can run down, or how to hit a gun show in the US to buy freely available assault weapons, courtesy of the militant 2nd Amendment purist fanatics with the NRA. With information widely propagated over the internet any hate-filled, disgruntled person can set up a bomb factory in their apartment, with or without a special traveling bomb-making trainer there in person.
Our occupation of Afghanistan in all of 16 years has not impeded or stopped a single terrorist attack here at home. Not one.
Instead, all it has done is put our own people there at constant risk of LOCAL terrorist attacks and IED ambushes, with a steady stream of casualties directly proportional to the number of people we have there, including so-called “friendly fire” from inductees into the army we are supposed to be getting to stand up so we can stand down.
In 2001, there was a handful of bin Laden’s people in Afghanistan. Now there are, by the words out of Trump’s own mouth in his big speech last week, 20 terrorist groups operating there. That’s not progress, that’s a slippery slope configured as a sheer cliff.
Morever, if you bought into the lunacy that we had to invade Afghanistan because there were terrorists hiding there, then you must also be advocating for invading Pakistan now, for the same exact reason, as if they could do something our own cruise missiles have not already accomplished there.
We cannot bomb our way to regional stability. It’s about as strategically effective as bombing cockroaches with food garbage. They just keep multiplying.
And tomorrow, we will return to critical domestic policy, and break down why buying health insurance across state lines, which the Republicans keep pushing as the magic cure for our health care problems, is nothing but snake oil.
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