We’ve Had Criminal Presidents Before This One

Thin skinned, small hands Donny ain’t the first criminal, misogynist, racist, pompous president before. And look at the chart on this article, showing how they are almost all Republicans. One will have to investigate how HW didn’t get nabbed – mostly by granting clemency to his fellow co-conspiritors in the Reagan cartel – since spreading depleted uranium around the sands of another country in the first Iraqi debacle should have landed him a direct flight to the Hague.

And though Eisenhower was Eisenhower, he did allow the putrid excrescence of the Dulles Brothers polute the world, a pox we have been paying for for the last 60+ years. Makes one miss the war criminal Harry S.

Have a look at this chart:

Comparing Presidential Administrations by Arrests and Convictions: A Warning for Trump Appointees