Trump And The Death Of Intelligence, Plus Obamacare Is Going Down Fast, Better Stand Up For Medicare For All Now

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The guy who skips out on most of his actual classified intelligence
briefings said over the weekend about the Russian hacks of Democrats,
“It could be somebody else. And I also know things that other people
don’t know.”

Challenged on what superior knowledge he had, Trump promised, “You’ll find out on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

We think we can predict with high confidence that there will be no
revelation of what Trump knows on Tuesday, nor on Wednesday either.
Thursday will go by and if asked again about it he will claim he
never promised a disclosure. To the contrary, isn’t it self-evident
that if he had any secret inside information it would be too
classified to disclose at all, let alone by the president elect?

Here 17 different intelligence agencies are of one mind that they
have conclusive proof the Russians were involved. Trump likes to
argue that these are the same intelligence agencies that got it wrong
on the Iraq war, so they cannot be relied on.

That alone is a gross historical distortion. The CIA, et al,
certainly lie to the American people all the time, but NOT to the
president for the record. The intelligence reports on Iraq were
riddled with caveats and disclaimers which the Bush administration
DELETED before giving those reports to Congress. His “the
intelligence agencies got it wrong” argument is the same one the war
criminals who started that war used as their retrospective excuse. We
didn’t believe it then, and we don’t believe it now.

The fact is that nothing Trump says can be counted on. He has always
and will continue to say whatever sounds good at that moment to get
him out of the conversation. So when he argues, without even looking
at the hard evidence, that it could be some random person in their
mother’s basement, he is indistinguishable from someone who has no
idea whatsoever what he is talking about.

In other words, he sounds like Donald J. Trump.

In the meantime, as we warned, the Republican will be moving
aggressively to cripple the so-called Affordable Care Act (ACA) as
their first order of business in the new Congress, now that they
control the White House too.

In the Senate the Democrats can filibuster their brains out. It will
avail nothing. If they get really unlucky the filibuster will hold
and when insurance premium continue to escalate they will get wiped
out even worse in 2018, in an election with way more sitting
Democratic senators at risk than Republicans.

The only Achilles heel the Republicans have is that they have sworn
to replace the ACA with SOMETHING else. Shame on us if we do not
demand what we really wanted all along, Medicare For All. Hold your
tongue not.

You don’t have to believe us that the only path to strategic victory
is to accept that the Republicans have the congressional votes and
the presidential pen to now wipe out the ACA and cannot be stopped
from doing so, and to push for a more progressive replacement.

All you need to believe is that your voice counts for something and
to use it.

Make the demand now, if you have not done so already.

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