There’s Hope – China

From my experience in working with people from China (and working in China during my installation time there), I get the feeling like they are awash with hope that hasn’t betrayed them yet. And, a few more years in, when the Trump screws up the US and pushes the Chinese economy to work within themselves and aided only by the purchases of the entire rest of the world, their transition will be complete.

From mud shacks and dictators, from a country beaten up by the English, to a modern and resourceful industrial collection of villages. They’re avoiding many of the mistakes that the Japanese made in their ascendancy – though time will tell as the Chinese are still walking to the point where the Japanese fell into recession.

This article and its links are a wonderful example that there is more to come:

China Is Pumping Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Into New Renewable Energy Projects by 2020

While Trump appoints climate deniers.

Here is how it begins:

President-elect Donald Trump has called climate change a hoax created by the Chinese. The Chinese disagree—and are pumping billions of dollars’ worth of investments into green energy over the next three years.

On Thursday, Reuters published details of the latest installment of China’s plans to break its deadly use of coal, an addiction that makes it the world’s worst greenhouse gas emitter.

The funds—$361 billion by 2020—are designed to create 13 million green jobs, according to the country’s National Energy Administration. New projects such as solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear power will form half of all new electricity generation by 2020 and will create the energy equivalent to 580 metric tons of coal.

The announcement matches China’s past pledges to kick its coal habit—the fuel that dominates its electricity production and creates heartburn for the country’s leaders, as the public’s angry reaction to foul air becomes a major political threat. Despite China’s so-called “war on pollution,” this week brought yet another toxic “airpolcalypse” to Beijing’s skies. Watch this incredible time-lapse video of the smog rolling into town:

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