The Reichstag Analog Report

Beyond Parody. The 2016 American Electorate will embarrass itself further, regardless of the outcome of Tuesdays final polling data. That there are more than the typical 20% anti-social people, and the typical 10% low-info propitiants of their mortal enemies is bizarre, but given the lies and propaganda that the monied class puts into their feed…well, still bizarre.

I thought that I would never use ‘surge’ again, but it looks like the unpollable 5% racists will be out-voted by the disgusted surge of the new majority minorities – women, people who have to audacity to breathe the great American air while not white, anglo, evangelical, wacko-conspiracy nut…how close to 50/50 is the scary part.


Update: I Tivo’d the election and haven’t seen it yet, but word has leaked out that the Ruler of the Poor Picked Upon Selfish Bastards will have his way and be the Named One for the final days of the Selfish Bastard Era – The True End of Colonialism.

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