Nixon Revisited…pre-swearing treason…

And then, right as rain, you hear, “I really think that Trump will do a lot of great things and I’m all for him. And something something something. He was elected fairly.”

“…won fairly” comes across like the catch phrase – “Repeat This against the false argument that our racist and sexist and inane campaigns worked in conjunction with the racist electoral college and gerrymandering systems. The Constitution doesn’t guarantee  the premise that representation is based upon everyone’s vote counting the same.” It is probably supposed to work as a retort against thaT rump being the 2nd rat bastard in 5 elections to lose the majority of the vote.

They would say, if they had any historical perspective at all, that Nixon won a fair election even though many of us knew then that he had quashed Johnson’s Peace Process while promising a Secret Plan to end the war. Is that when he came up with the Peace with Honor crap? Who cares. We had worked hard to get people off the war, to force the President to change, and what, we get an incredible marketing campaign filled with lies.

Not any silly campaign lies. Lies that caused another million dead Vietnamese, another 20,000 dead and over 100,000 seriously injured Americans, uncounted Cambodian and Laotians dead and maimed, generations of people in all those countries crippled by the effects of Agent Orange, and destroyed infrastructure and the loss of potential for a complete generation…for what? It was obvious that he and the people he surrounded himself with were criminals and now we know that they committed capital T treason in order to get elected.

He and his cronies were known to be crooks and pirates before the 2nd election as well, but that’s not the point of this tirade against the mysoginist,

Then we have Reagan. What we learned from his first weeks in David Stockman’s book, and what we learned from the horrors that his crew committed in our name and with our money is reprehensible. And, let’s not forget that he drove the credit card up in ways that caused economic turmoil worse than what Nixon left us with, in the grand tradition of Republican chiselers. What they want and what they do is take the sweat from the lower classes and money from the middle classes and put it into the pockets of the handful of their junkie supporters. One could go on and on about the number of dead and the humiliation St. Ronnie caused.

Bush I hide his treasons and nefarious exploits quite nicely, as any ex-CIA director plutocrat with a Nazi grandfather should be able to do. Gruesome atrocities in Panama, killing more than died on the sacred 9/11, but in far more inhuman ways. Then there was the event that brought to scourge of Depleted Uranium to Iraq, against yet another friendly dictator that needed a lesson. Death around the world, from Pinochet to the American economy, yet again. His Savings and Loans scandal wouldn’t be matched until his son’s Enron cabal.  I can’t bring myself to write about how Bush I or II was fairly elected. Racism stands up in first place.

So, fuck trump and his backers and those who wish him well. He is just the latest, whether he was elected fairly, or not.