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Personally, I’d dig ’em up, piss on their corpses and bury them deeper

I’ll Piss On His Grave: Reagan, The Godfather of The Iraq War

June 10, 2004
From the Streets of Little Beirut
Originally Published at The Cosmic Penguin
Glen Yeadon

With the death of Ronald Reagan the world will now face a weeklong orgy of grandiloquent of US military power and American Imperialism. Reagan was a cold-blooded murderer, a union busting parasite, con artist, and a good liar. I’ll shed no tear for the death of a tyrant. Nor will I stand by idly while the truth is sacrificed in a frenzied worship of a demagogue. Reagan was evil personified, he can rot in hell. Continue reading Personally, I’d dig ’em up, piss on their corpses and bury them deeper

Great Memorials for Great Assholes – II

The death of Margaret Thatcher is no cause for celebration. It came 35 years too late. The scars of her toxic policies (and those of her compadres in the war on the poor, such as Ronald Reagan) are with us still, and more than so now than they were in the 1980s, when they were being implemented. The global economic crisis that started in 2008 is the punishment for Thatcher, Reagan et al.


Thatcher was a war-monger. She was against the poor and against the workers. She was a supporter of apartheid, once calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist (last week Mandela seemed to slip away from us; today he still breathes, thank God, and Thatcher does not).

It’s too late to celebrate Thatcher’s death, but not too early to speak ill of the dead (and we should never be prevented from speaking ill of the dead when they merit our censure). It would have been better had Thatcher lived for another 20 years, into obscurity, before her simpering Trojan disciples such as Tony Blair — the Bono of British politics — could pay their glowing tributes , using her first name in the way other people do with soul legends.

Meryl Streep, winning an Oscar

Meryl Streep, winning an Oscar

Worse yet, some young people, naive young women in particular, seem to regard Thatcher as a feminist icon (no doubt influenced by Meryl Streep’s impressive but nauseating impersonation in that meandering film), not the enemy of women that she really was. Alas, Meryl’s scriptwriters failed to get the great mimic to deliver this immortal line: “I owe nothing to women’s lib. The feminists hate me, don’t they? And I don’t blame them. For I hate feminism. It is poison.”

Thatcher’s death is neither to be mourned nor to be celebrated. But we must forthrightly acknowledge and emphasise that she made the world a worse place and that her legacy must be despised.

So this mix is not by way of celebration, much as some of the songs endorse a sense of jubilation at Thatcher’s demise. View it as a musical testament of songs that are political and good, and as an indictment of that woman’s noxious policies.

from Any Dude With Half a Heart

The Reichstag Analog Report

Beyond Parody. The 2016 American Electorate will embarrass itself further, regardless of the outcome of Tuesdays final polling data. That there are more than the typical 20% anti-social people, and the typical 10% low-info propitiants of their mortal enemies is bizarre, but given the lies and propaganda that the monied class puts into their feed…well, still bizarre.

I thought that I would never use ‘surge’ again, but it looks like the unpollable 5% racists will be out-voted by the disgusted surge of the new majority minorities – women, people who have to audacity to breathe the great American air while not white, anglo, evangelical, wacko-conspiracy nut…how close to 50/50 is the scary part.


Update: I Tivo’d the election and haven’t seen it yet, but word has leaked out that the Ruler of the Poor Picked Upon Selfish Bastards will have his way and be the Named One for the final days of the Selfish Bastard Era – The True End of Colonialism.