Aliso Canyon: The Death Throes of the Carbon Economy

From the boreal forests in Alberta – now a tar sands desert the size of the UK – to the next pipeline failure spilling heavy, uncleanable tar on the bottom of a pristine water source, to the upcoming financial disaster that will not only finally kill off coal’s non-existant chances but expose the unclean lies of unclean natural fracked gas…to the actual poisoning of a swath of upper-middle class natives in Aliso Canyon…

Sacrifice Zone has never been so blatant – capitalism forces every single one to play its game of filtering riches to a peculiar ‘never satisfied’ class. A gas blowout of a storage facility that has proven to be un-needed except as a market manipulation tool for the exploration class, but one which they won’t give up even though they don’t know why the system failed and are willing to open it regardless. Amazing excuses in the area that has a group owned DWP…How has the parasite company Sempra been allowed to take control? …answer that Mr. Garcetti and maybe, perhaps, your bona fides will begin to be deserved.